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Pool bar

Located in the top floor of the lodge by pool connected to exclusive cellar room. The class design & interior of bar, its fine
selection of Nepalese architect & tones, and a perfect destination to enjoy refreshing drinks, light bites and various flavors of shisha.


Menu: A la carte & buffet
Cuisine: Fusion- Authentic Nepali, Indian, oriental to English & Italian
Seats: Indoor- 42, Terrace- 36
Special– all the time live cooking kitchen


Features two different dining experiences that suites all tastes and flavors & ambiance. Breakfast can be enjoyed from the in-room dining menu and lunch at the roof top 360° view pool. Lounge bar and relish a nice family and friends gathering at lobby lounge restaurant for dinner.



Tripti means satisfaction in Nepali and that is what our in house Spa  aims for. With a variety of massage therapies available to relieve one’s tired limbs after a hectic hiking or cycling trip.

The therapists are trained professionals whose nimble fingers will offer a relief to any pains or rejuvenate your body to a new height.

The Spa has a capacity of 4 persons at a time with 2 single persons and 1 couple rooms.


Full Moon Dinner: A dinner in the light of full moon with the Mountains glowing in moonlight is an experience only available at The Sarangkote Mountain Lodge. The arrangement can be done for two or a group and mid October till mid November and late February till mid March is the best time.

Ecological Responsibility

The Sarankot Mountain Lodge believes in responsible Eco tourism and tries it’s best to minimize the use of plastic waste. We use reusable glass bottles and containers, bamboo straws for drink which we replenish by planting more bamboo, so that nature is not depleted.

We believe that small efforts from everyone including ours can help support the surrounding ecology to the benefit of everyone and we aim to continue striving for this goal.

Sarangkot Mountain Lodge